Community Resources


Access to Insight
a collection of the suttas, the Buddha’s discourses and teachings

site and blog from Bodhipaksa, a Buddhist monk and writer

One Mind Dharma
Matthew’s website with a blog, guided meditations, and Buddhist resources

World Wide Insight
online meditation classes, groups, class series, and more


Tara Brach
talks, meditations, and more from one of our favorite teachers

Audio Dharma
talks, meditations, and dharmettes from Gil Fronsdal and Insight Retreat Center

Dharma Seed
talks and meditations from Spirit Rock and associated teachers

One Mind Dharma
talks, meditations, and more from Matthew and Elizabeth Sockolov

Mobile Apps

Insight Timer
guided meditations, timer, and social media for meditators

mindfulness-based app for checking in with our experience

popular meditation app with programs and courses

One Mind Dharma
meditations and talks from Insight Sonoma groups

Groups & Centers

Spirit Rock
meditation and retreat center in Marin with a variety of teachers and teachings

Napa Valley Insight
nearby insight meditation community in Napa County

S.N. Goenka
secular, donation-based retreats across the country

Insight Retreat Center
donation-based retreat center run by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella in Santa Cruz area

Meditation studio in Sausalito with a variety of offerings spanning multiple traditions

monastery for nuns in Theravada lineage, offering groups and donation-based classes

Thai Forest monastery in Northern California