About Insight Sonoma

Insight Sonoma is a community of people seeking to investigate the practices of meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and insight. Rooted in the Theravada Buddhist lineage, we sit in meditation practice together with the intention of relieving suffering. We take pride in accepting all who walk through our doors. Every person is invited to join us regardless of financial situation, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, meditation experience, or any other part of your being.

Our Teachers

Matthew Sockolov

Matthew Sockolov

Matthew Sockolov is the guiding teacher of Insight Sonoma. Empowered to teach by Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, Matthew has led groups at Against the Stream, with Insight Sonoma, at addiction treatment centers across California, and online. Matthew was introduced to meditation as a teenager and has investigated the benefits of the dharma in relation to addiction and mental health. Matthew is the founder of One Mind Dharma, an online resources with guided meditations, podcasts, and writings.

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Elizabeth Sockolov

Elizabeth Sockolov has been leading groups for a few years at varying addiction treatment centers, high schools, and meditation centers. She is currently a student in Sonoma State University’s Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. She uses her experience with mindfulness and compassion to bring the dharma to those struggling with addiction, young women, and those experiencing heightened anxiety.